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Arguably, selling ones family home is a difficult, difficult process. Add on a parent with dementia who has lived in the home for over 30 years, accumulated much, with her only child living in the US, unable to help in a hands on way. To this, add on getting the house ready after the Christmas and New Year Holiday Season. Would seem impossible, incredibly stressful and not doable; the chance of success being low.
Sonya Côté and Mike Elmenhoff achieved the impossible. Sonya staged Mom’s 1912 Victorian row house on Jones superbly, was incredibly mindful of Mom’s things and helped with donating the things she loved, her quilting and books. She made the 1512 sq. ft. home seem immense. They did this in record time, 5 days; cleaning, painting, removing carpeting, buffing the woodwork and floors, and donating items, a week later there was a ‘soft’ open house and the following week a formal open house when offers were accepted the next day, Monday, Jan.18th. On offer day there were 13 offers and we accepted an offer 150K above asking! Absolutely unbelievable and incredible!
My mother, who is French, remembered Sonya, from meeting her 5 years earlier. Just this is amazing, since her short term memory is greatly affected. Sonya spoke to her in French and was so loving and kind. Something that is really needed in an agent and missing when people are often forgotten in the business of selling a cherished home. Mike and Sonya are tremendous together. Mike was the broker and he deftly handed the finances and offers. Even recommending a lawyer and the best way to accept an offer and proceed. They really got Mom a terrific price for her home. Mike has so much integrity that he even paid the bank fees for another offer that we almost accepted.
I am indebted to Sonya and Mike who continue to try and see my Mom who is in an assisted living home. I also feel like we have real friends. Sonya and Mike worked so hard well beyond the small commission they will make. I have sold and bought a home in the past and never have I met such bright and decent agents. With the profit on Mom’s home she will be comfortable for the rest of her life. As her Alzheimer progresses she will need more and more aid and what they did was save a life and they did this selflessly and have my undying gratitude. Anyone would be blessed to work with these two and I wholeheartedly recommend their services!
Isabelle O.


Michael sold our house for $100,000 over asking with only four days on the market. Because we have two small children we insisted that the sale occurred with the minimum amount of disruption to their schedules. Michael and his team were able to stage and market the house without undue disruption to our family life. Michael's careful assessment of market conditions, analysis of local pricing and deep knowledge of the local market were instrumental in ensuring that the sale went off without a hitch. When it comes to selling your most valuable asset, it pays to have someone with Michael's 25 plus years of experience to maximize your sale price and manage the process.
Bruce H.


Mr. Elmenhoff covers a lot of ground in his listing presentation. At first, it seems like a blur but then, his checklists and his help for everything along the way made it feel painless and at times, exciting. The process moved quickly, the list got done and our house sold in under a week! Come offer night, with a few of them to choose from, when we were done, we felt elated, thrilled that we got over asking and somewhat like the wind left the room. The terms he negotiated were brilliant and a little outside the box and somehow, he sold these to the agent and his clients in such a gracious and professional way, no one objected and everyone was happy.
Anne & Frank B.


Our house sold easily and it was Michael that started the whole thing off with a promise that it would be a fun and educational journey. It was! We liked his style, his honesty and most especially his creativity. He’s been doing this for over 20 years and it really shows. He came up with some great solutions to all of the problems that presented, on contracts and off. Very impressive. We got our price and then some, and we bought with him and put him through the paces! He found us the perfect house and yet, for months, my husband and I couldn’t have been farther apart. Thank you Michael!
Allan and Nina