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Experience counts….not just a sales representative, Michael is also a broker with 30 years in the business. Michael brings a unique skill set and fresh acumen for numbers. He’s a multi-tasker par excellence, with a relentless eye for detail. He has an insider’s understanding of the market and an encyclopedic knowledge of the what’s required at every stage of the selling and buying process. He can talk you through all the steps…and talk…and talk.
Michael understands that the most important person to satisfy is you. He will represent you and your best interests, not just the deal. Which means that if you have to sell a property where the bedrooms had been converted into chicken coops (true story), save a family from a nest of feral wasps (another true story), or your great-grandmother has bequeathed you her 6 bedroom century home where the last renovations took place before the invention of electricity (yup), Michael’s your guy. He’s seen it all and probably done it all (though we can’t know for sure).
Michael understands that selling your home is always a deeply personal decision. He knows you need someone you can trust and depend on to handle any situation. You can expect to be fully prepared beginning with a comprehensive list of things to do to prep your home for sale. Not to fear, he’ll guide you through every step of it.
And come offer time, when fielding multiple offers at the poker table, he’ll tell you instinctively how to play them to your best advantage.
It’s hard to find a type of property that Michael isn’t familiar with in the GTA. Whether it’s an income property, fixer upper or high end luxury home, Michael has sold it. His pricing is based on his long experience and deep knowledge of the local housing market.
Michael will take you to comparable properties and show you why your home is worth what its worth, and show you how you could make it worth even more. You probably will wind up knowing more than what you wanted to know about your property and your neighbourhood, which is a good thing. He’s passionate about what he does.
Yes, Michael talks a lot, but as his arm length roster of clients can attest, it’s all talk in your best interest. If you want a freakishly astute mind that doesn’t miss a trick when coming up with the best possible numbers for your sale, then we suggest you give him a call.